Friday, February 10, 2012

Road Work and Traffic Jam in Kuta

To day  i am going to Kuta with car, every where is traffic every where is road working..
I choose the road that i used to go when i am going to Kuta. from kerobokan, seminyak and finaly ending in Kuta, in one of my store. From long time ago, every time i see the worker doing something on the road, from fixing the the hole in the street to planting a cable at he side of the road.
The small street is more and more jam, as You know the road in kuta and seminyak is really small and the traffic is really crowded, make Kuta not so easy to reach .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beggars roam in Bali, whose mistake?

This afternoon I crossed the street sunset road Seminyak, Kuta. I saw a little boy holding a baby who age was only a few weeks. Small girl are deliberately giving milk but pulling back from the baby's mouth to make babies cry, she do that on purpose  to attract the attention of the people . It's a pity for the baby.
We often see a mother or a child holding a baby at traffic light  to beg.
 Our heart will so pity when we saw that baby condition.
Areas of Bali is one of the areas with such problems, Including
tourism areas such as , Kuta, Seminyak and Legian.
Day by day the number of babies who used to beg is increase . Worse yet babies are not their babies. the baby is a baby rental. they hire a baby from parents who do not care for her baby.
They feel that way they can make money easily.  

very cruel at all those who use baby for the money. Now it becomes our duty to prevent it getting worse, way is by the way do not ever give money to beggars. indeed difficult, but it is the only way they could think to make money with a better way.
Not that we do not want to help them, but beggars become one of the business method. there are people who collect the children and babies that will be sent to beg.
By not giving them money, will not beg anymore, because no one would give them money.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kuta, Long before today

It may not be unthinkable for me, that Kuta was once a place of exile and escape the forest people of Bali who make mistakes against the authorities and various other problems in that age, as evidenced by a prominent indigenous Budi Mr. Kuta, stated that in the Kuta area is not available Pura mother like most other villages in Bali, because it is one of Kuta's not true natives of this region, they all used to be immigrants. Kuta circumstances later change from forest to ports that were once the economic and trading center for South Bali, after Mads Johansen Lange better known by the name of Mr. Lange a merchant and sailors from Denmark came to Kuta around the year 1839. While the Dutch really  difficult to penetrate the south of Bali, Mr. Lange has done transactions with the local population and send the original products such as Bali Coffee, Tobacco and other overseas and vice versa. With the notes of Mr. Lange Bali Bali can also be put in the map of international trade and tourist places are very beautiful.
This bad habit is transmitted bit by bit to the local youth at the time. economic center of the harbor entrance where the outflow of commodities at that time was “Pantai Segara” or by the community now known as the German coast, called the German coast since been used as housing the German engineers during the construction of Ngurah Rai Airport.
The location of the beach which is currently being reclaimed adjacent to the hotel Patra Jasa Jalan Kartika Plaza. Formerly white sandy beaches and small choppy boat is named pasih so named because there used to be a trading boat stranded in this area, then pulled out and the magic of the place that springs up to now and enshrined in a temple called the temple Beji, unique center springs in this Beji temple shaped like the stern of a sailboat. Kuta is also evidence of the beauty of a variety of cultural acculturation, ranging from diverse Balinese culture, foreign cultures, to the Chinese culture that brought Buddhism in its development. Seen from this monastery buildings Architectural dominant Taiwan-China, then there is a Balinese traditional in their religious ceremonies and teachings of Buddha in his beliefs.

Kuta is Hotter than before

Today Kuta feels very hot, it may reach up to about 34 degrees, luckily I was in a villa in Seminyak, the villa is a villa pulu, one of the villas in seminyak which has a swimming pool, tropical gardens and most importantly, air-conditioning. The heat of the sun makes me comfortable in the swimming pool. Coupled with the shade of trees in tropical gardens. Making the heat of the sun is not so oppressive. Today more heat than usual, this makes a lot of the tourists prefer a place with air conditioning for cooling themselves from the sun. Around Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Oberoi, Kerobokkan, Batu Belig lot of very beautiful villa with a few large plants as the surrounding air. Tropical gardens became one of the requirements of the tourists to choose who they want to occupy the villa.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saraswati and Banyu Pinaruh in Ubud

November 19 2011 ,the balinesse peple celebrate Saraswati day, Saraswati day itself is celebrated by bringing offerings to their holy books and scrolls in their houses, while students celebrate it at school, usually in the morning, and the office-workers in their office. The philosophy of Saraswati day is that the most important thing for human life is knowledge.

November 20 2011, Banyu Pinaruh, The day after Saraswati Day is Banyu Pinaruh day. "Banyu" means water and "Pinaruh" mean wisdom. In other words, we must have wisdom which always flows like water and which is useful for human kind. We pray for Dewi Saraswati (manifestation of God) to give us cleverness and wisdom. The people usually take a bath in the sea or a lake or river and drink traditional medicine which is made from many various leaves which is very good for our health. The philosophy of Banyu Pinaruh day is the second most important thing for human life is good health.

This time I celebrate the feast "banyu pinaruh" at Tirta Empul, located in the sub-district Ubud ,district of Gianyar, Bali. At this celebration many people who come to these springs to melukat (cleaned up).
because it is very crowded at all, many are not so for melukat. but many others are patiently waiting their turn to get into the shower at Tirta Empul. on the way home I saw a lot of private villas in this area.

The Sanur Village Festival, the National Flora Week, the Denpasar Fest and Horticulture Festival

The Sanur Village Festival, the National Flora Week, the Denpasar Fest and Horticulture Festival is held From 19 to 22 November 2011, a festive atmosphere will once again reign over Bali as the exciting fiestas of the Sanur Village Festival, the National Flora Week, the Denpasar Festival, and Indonesia Horticulture Festival 2011 get underway on the Matahari Terbit or Sunrise Beach at Sanur.

This year, the Sanur Village Festival promises plenty of water sports and adventure. Organized by the local community of Sanur, the Sanur Village Festival has made waves internationally and has become a fixed annual event since 2006.
The timing and the larger area for the event was deliberately chosen to include the Indonesia Horticulture Festival 2011 which this year will merge with the Sanur Festival.

The National Flora Week 2011 is a national horticultural exhibition of an international nature,  that is held on a rotation basis among regencies and cities in Indonesia. This year it is the turn of Bali to host the 4th Festival which involves all of the  33 provinces of Indonesia, national and international businesses in  the horticultural sector, as well as leading agriculture academics.The National Flora Week will also be a meeting place for producers, business people, researchers, plant and flower lovers, and general visitors to share information and do business. Adding to the festivity, the Denpasar Festival, an annual event held by the Denpasar Government to promote the city as a tourist destination,will likewise display unique and outstanding products, artworks, as well as other creative forms produced by the people of Denpasar.

These three events blend in perfectly and synergize with the Indonesia Horticulture Festival 2011, a national-scale event which, in terms of promotion, products, business, exhibition participants and visitors, is of international quality

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oberoi : New Pearl in Seminyak

Bali’s southern part has many offerings that the northern part may not have. For example, here you can find better deals on hotels and accommodations. Obviously, these hotels are some of the finest across the length and breadth of Bali. A small village called Oberoi, located near the Seminyak village, attracts tourists owing to its cultural richness and natural beauty. Thanks to tourism developments in Bali, Oberoi has become a famous tourist spot in Bali.
Villas On Oberoi has two exclusive, private, stand alone, fully serviced two bedroom Villas perfectly positioned just meters from the center of Bali´s premier restaurants, high fashion boutiques and up market shops on Oberoi Street (JL Laksmana) in fashionable Seminyak.   
Oberoi area is located in the area around Jalan Kayu Ayu or “Eat Street”
South of Jalan Dewi Sri till the bridge bordering Seminyak
North to the Petitenget temple on Jalan Petitenget
The Oberoi region hosts the most prestigious of Bali’s shopping  district and the greatest array of restaurants all within a short  stroll of this street. The area is becoming the place to shop, eat and play and is a must visit for guests to Bali.
On the beach world famous Ku De Ta and La Luciola are found, once
again watch out for swimming and the strong undertows. Not to expect city life here, you can explore the simple lives of people in the small village adjoining Seminyak. Oberoi and other villages near Seminyak thrive on Indonesian handicraft business. Unlike Kuta (which is fast paced and crowded), Oberoi is a peaceful place where you can even hear the chirp of birds clearly. For instance, the Pura Peti Tenget temple near Oberoi. This temple faces the ocean. The beach-side ceremonies held near the temple offer a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. The high end hotels and lounges around Oberoi redefine luxury. It is hard to believe that this peaceful southern area of Bali has more up market hotels and accommodations than north Bali. There are two major beaches near Oberoi- Seminyak Beach and Petitenget Beach. Both these beaches have grey sand extending across miles and miles. Most Villas and hotels near Oberoi have in-house spa service to pamper your body. The small designer stores and boutiques of Seminyak are just a few minutes away from Oberoi. You can explore the Bintang Supermarket to find high end household commodities. The Seminyak Square is famous for designer shops, small restaurants, and bookshops. Many backpackers come to Oberoi to explore its untold stories. The beautiful plantations and handicrafts of Oberoi leave the tourists dumbstruck. Staying at Oberoi or Seminyak villas may be an expensive affair. Many hotels provide shuttle bus service between Oberoi and Kuta. Depending on your budget, you can stay at a villa in Oberoi or Kuta. However, the accommodations in Oberoi are superior compared to the ones in Kuta. The Ngurah Rai International airport is the nearest airport to Oberoi. It is an hour’s drive from Oberoi and Seminyak.
Many visitors hire a tourist guide to help them explore the locales of Bali. You can also look for Oberoi Holiday packages on the Internet.